Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Essure

Ok, so ya'll are probably wondering what exactly Essure is.  Essure is a permanent form of birth control for women.  The way it works is the doctors place two little coils into a woman's fallopian tubes.  The coils then cause the body to build up scar tissue around them blocking the egg from dropping.  I know some may be judging me right about now or they may have stopped reading already, but that's ok because I made a hard decision, but the right decision. Want to know why?  Click here.

My experience was pleasant at first.  I found a doctor that would preformed the procedure and that I liked.  Dr. Pickel!  Yep you heard me right her real last name is Pickel!!  She's very nice, and I will definitely continue seeing her.  Josh and I went for the preliminary visit to meet her and discuss our decision to have the Essure done.  She was very thorough making sure we understood everything and that we knew what we wanted.  We then had to wait about a month to have the actual procedure.

The morning of our new beginning.  Exciting and a little scared.  We arrive at the office, a little early of course, to fill out paperwork.  The nurse takes us in the back to go over a few things, and to give me a pill to help me relax, and not feel so much pain.  It was supposed to make me woozy, but I suppose since I'm on so many Bi-polar med's my body doesn't react to woozy med's the same.  I probably needed a double dose to do the trick, so this made the procedure not so pleasant.

Having never had a baby my cervix is very small (tmi, I know) so it was extremely painful.  Then there were all the metal instruments.  I could feel all of it.  About ten seconds in I was about to scream for them to stop and jump off the table running from the room with my hospital gown flapping in the wind.  Thankfully Josh was there for me to rip off squeeze his hand.  After about ten seconds the worst was over.  Next came the water that they pumped into my uterus, this caused really bad cramping, but was nothing compared to the first ten seconds.  Then they put the coils in.  It was all over in about 15 minutes (thank heavens cause I might not have made it much longer).  After that it was a long day of cramping and laying on a heating pad.

I am very happy with our choice.  Now Josh and I can enjoy our married life without the worries of becoming pregnant.  A very real fear we both had.

Anyone else have a Essure story?  Or thinking about having Essure?


Karen Mortensen said...

I have never heard of this. I had my tubes tied years ago. They had to put me to sleep.

Squashys Girl said...

yeah its a fairly new procedure. we chose it over getting my tubes tied or Squash getting a vasectomy because it could be done with out being put to sleep. Although now looking back I kinda wish I had been asleep, lol

Cathy said...

I have been thinking about this. I'm glad you wrote about it, although hearing about the pain kinda sucks. But what's one day of pain? I'll take that over getting pregnant!

Squashys Girl said...

Yep, it was def. worth it! I would do it again ,even know about the pain, if I had to