About Me

Us back in the day :)
I'm a 31 29 year old, wife, secretary, college student, sister, auntie, daughter, bipolar, and last but by far not the least a Yogini!  My husband Josh is about to turn 33. We were high school sweethearts. We met when I was 15. He was the first and and remains the only person I have ever dated. This past year (201) we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. So to all the people that said we would never last I'd like to say "See I told you so!!!" (just kidding)

Josh our daughter Blu' and Me (our princess is in heaven now)

We had a beautiful fur-baby (bullmastiff) named Blu'. She was 7 years old when she passed away two years ago. She was our pride and joy.  It's been a long healing process for my husband and I, but after two years and a lot of grieving we were finally able to open our hearts, and love again.  We recently adopted our son Ryder.  He is a French Bulldog and full of spunk.  He is constantly happy and its very contagious. 

Josh our son Ryder Smeagol and me (2 years after losing our daughter we finally felt strong enough to love again! Now we have our adorable son Ryder)
Josh and I still live in the town that we graduated high school from, but we love it that way.  I'm a true Texan, born and raise.  I'm a little bit country a little hood rat, lol.  Josh and I love our Dallas Cowboys, its practically a religion in our house, so be prepared you'll probably be seeing lots of Cowboys updates come football season.
Graduation day with my mentor Coach Buchanan

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