Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Project 52 - Aug 21, 2012

In the last two weeks I've been focusing on forearm stand.  I've come close, touching one foot to the wall a couple of times.  This morning, however, I got both feet to the wall and held the pose for several breaths.  I may have had a little teacher assist, I'm not sure I was so excited to touch both feet to the wall that I don't remember :)  Also took a risk and started working on running man, way hard, and yesterday I was able to do running man!!!  So every happy!  What a great feeling of accomplishment!

1. Take Down Christmas Tree
2. Clean Scrapbook Room
3. Have Scrapbook Party
4. Clean Spare Closet
5. Clean Spare Bedroom
6. Clean My Closet  (Although it needs to be done again, lol)
7. Clean Bathroom
8. Clean Bedroom
9. Organize House
10. Stop Drinking Soda's
11. Host Josh's Bday Party
12. Headstand  (still improving but its there)
Traditional Headstand

13. Better Chaturanga(Still improving but its there)

14. Running Man
Running Man done by my friend Kayleigh

15. Get Chickens
16. Get Garden Ready
17. Wheel  (so excited about this one)
Full Wheel

18. NAMIWalk Team Captain's Luncheon
19. Clean house for walk
20. NAMIWalk
21. Finish Classes
22. Register for Summer Classes
23. Read Yoga Sutras
24. Get Ready for Vacation
25. Vacation
26. Put Away Stuff From Vacation
27. Finish Client Book
28. Weigh 140 or below
29. Take 1 Summer Class
30. King Pigeon (double bound king pigeon)
Double Bound King Pigeon

31. Go to River
32. Float the River
33. Register for Fall Classes
34. Standing Bow (Love this pose)
Dancer's Poser

35. Hang 2011 Family Photos
36. Fall Garden
37. Herb Garden
38. Side Crow
39. Eat Cleaner (no meat for 2 months now)
40. Weight 130 or Less
41. Family Photos 2012
42. Forearm Stand (First one today 08/21/2012)

Forearm Stand

43. Jog a Mile
44. Christmas Shopping Done
45. Scorpion
46. Have Poker Party
47. Register for Spring Classes
48. Get Yoga Shorty Shorts
49. Finish Fall Classes
50. Find Teacher Training
51. Advance Practice
52. Weigh 125!

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