Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Acro Yoga 02/18/2012

"It's all fun and games till you fall and smoosh your sister" ~Josh (My dear hubby)
My new passion, if you can't tell, is yoga.  Last weekend my sister Lyss and I went to a Acro/Partner Yoga Workshop!  It was so much fun :)  Still can't believe she was able to hold me up!

 This is call the Super Yogi Pose. Bruce is the base in this one holding Alyssa up.
 Meet Amy the other skinny mini in our group of 3.  Still can't believe she held me up.
 This one is called candle Stick.
 Amy doing candle stick
 Haha, Lyss trying to hold me up in Candle Stick.  Didn't quit make this one :)
 Amy the Super Yogi

Lyss flying beautifully

This was such a fun workshop!  Will def. be doing Acro Yoga again in the future.  Maybe next time I'll even be able to do Candle Stick!


Contact Improvisation said...

Devotees find release in practicing naked in a safe and secure environment which they claim is strictly non-sexual. There's no malice and most people who practice it take pleasure in the freedom of movement.

Ecstatic Café

Squashys Girl said...

not sure i could feel that free :)